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Date Category Title Location Price Pic
Jul 9 Collectibles Coca Cola Collectibles Goshen, IN $120 NO
  Farm Equipment:
Jun 5 Farm Equipment Friday Rotary Hoe Bridgman, MI $1000 NO
Jun 5 Farm Equipment B E I Blueberry cleaner Bridgman, MI $500 NO
  Furnishings, Furniture - Bedroom:
Jul 9 Furnishings, Furniture - Bedroom Twin Bedroom set Goshen, IN $150 NO
  Furnishings, Furniture - Dining Room & Kitchen:
Jun 18 Furnishings, Furniture - Dining Room & Kitchen moving sale Marinette, WI $500 NO
  Furnishings, Furniture - Other Furniture:
Jul 9 Furnishings, Furniture - Other Furniture Porch furniture Goshen, IN $400 NO
  Garage/Moving Sale:
Jun 23 Garage/Moving Sale Yard Sale - Kids Clothing, misc items Bay City, MI $0 NO
  Lawn & Garden:
Jul 9 Lawn & Garden Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Goshen, IN $850 NO
Jul 22 Miscellaneous HTC AT&T windows 8 cell phone Traverse City, MI $200 NO
Jul 9 Miscellaneous Pool Table Goshen, IN $1000 NO
  Sporting Goods - Hunting & Fishing:
Jul 15 Sporting Goods - Hunting & Fishing DPX LKN001 DPX Licensed to Kill Holly, MI $20
  Tools/Hardware - Generators:
Jun 9 Tools/Hardware - Generators Generator and Welder Kalamazoo, MI $800
May 29 Other Bodyguard 380 Pocket Holster Clifford, MI $0 NO
Jun 13 Any Case Knives 120 Fishing Pocket Knife Holly, MI $42
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